Madhya Pradesh Tourism Corporation's,,,

contribution is unforgettable - 

Thappinchukoleru,,,Director-Producer RVG

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Rudrapatla Venugopal (RVG)-Talari Vinod Kumar Mudiraj-Srinivas Mamidala and Lalit Kumar have combinedly produced the super suspense thriller "Thappinchukoleru" (Nobody can escape) under RVG Movies and SVL Enterprises banners. Ravishankar Omkali is the Executive Producer of the film.

After making a name for himself with movies such as "Kothakatha", "Usuru", and "Ayyappa Kataksham", director Rudrapatla Venugopal (RVG) has recently completed all the work including the censor scrutiny of his latest directorial and production venture, Thappinchukoleru. 


Starring Adarsh, Harish Thenneti, Twinkle Agarwal, Saishweta, Akella and Faheem in lead roles, Thappinchukoleru is a suspense thriller inspired by the Bhopal gas tragedy that took place in Madhya Pradesh several years ago. The film, which was predominantly shot in and around Bhopal with the help of the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Corporation, is all set to release in Madhya Pradesh as well.

Director-producer RVG said, "The support provided by the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Department throughout the making of our film is unforgettable. Thappinchukoleru has a different screenplay and the film will be released very soon. VSP Thenneti's lyrics and dialogues and Rajesh Raj's music are the main assets of this film."


AVL Narasimham, Nittala Malladhi Bhaskar and Major RV Subbarao played other crucial roles in the film. 

P.R.O: Dheeraj Appaji, 

Script Assistance: VR Kanchi, Cinematography: Prasad K Naidu, Music: Rajesh Raj.T, 

Lyrics & Dailogues: VSP Thenneti, 

Executive Producer: Ravishankar Omkali, 

Producers: Rudrapatla Venugopal (RVG),- Talari Vinod Kumar Mudiraj- Srinivas Mamidala and Lalit Kumar, Writer and Director: Rudrapatla Venugopal (RVG).



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