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Hyderabad’s 23-year-old bike racer Sandeep Varma (Satyanarayan Raju) is setting the Indian track ablaze with his stunning performances. The city rider had performed exceedingly well in the recently- concluded 8th edition of the Valley Race, a national drag race championship, in Lonavla winning four trophies. He won the top prize in the M9 up to 1050 CC category and set up the fastest timing of the event. He also won the fastest bike of the event along with a 3rdplace finish in the Unrestricted Category O2. En route to his titles, he also broke the record of world champion Rickey Gadson’s 9.57 seconds with his 9.52 timing in the quarter mile event.

The youngster, who represents Lucky Seven Racing power by Modcrew, is delighted with his performance and he has now set his eyes on the upcoming JK 1000 CC championship and is training to do well, and then the Malaysian Superbike Championship.

With the Covid-19 wreaking havoc in the year 2020, Sandeep was away from most of the races. “Barring a few, I didn’t participate in many races last year. However, I am happy to return with a big win. This is a big tournament and winning this means a lot. I am also looking forward to participating in the JK 1000 CC championship, which didn’t happen last year due to coronavirus, this year. I am also on a hunt for sponsors so that I can compete in Malaysian Superbike Championship,” he said.

Sandeep, who started racing in the year 2016 because of his passion, had won a total of six national titles till date in the professional motorcycle circuit and over 45 trophies in various competitions. “I started watching racing videos at a very young age in school. Speed attracted me. I took to racing in 2016. My parents didn’t support me initially. But I persisted. I competed in several races and won home many titles. It took me one year to convince them and I raced in nationals in 2017,” recalled Sandeep.

However, with no facilities available in the city, the training part becomes expensive. “We don’t have facilities in Hyderabad. There are three tracks in the country — Chennai, Coimbatore and New Delhi — and transporting our bike and training there becomes expensive,” he revealed. The city lad is nursing his dreams of representing India in international events and winning laurels for the country. “Racing is very expensive. If I get sponsorship, I will win laurels for the country. I also want to promote racing and change people’s perspective about racing,” said Sandeep, who admires seven-time MotoGP champion Marc Marquez.

Vally Run drag championship 

Held at amby valley ( Lonavla) on 14-02-2021

Team lucky seven racing powered by modcrew 

Sandeep Varma Nadimpalli Hyderabad Racer who is 6 Times  National champion 

Won 4 trophies yesterday in the below categories 

- Fastest timing of the event 

- Fastest bike of the event 

- First place in Category M9 

- 3rd place in Unrestricted Category O2

- Clocked fastest timing till date - 9.522 sec



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